World War II 75th Anniversary events/dates
2016 - 2020 
Members of the Spirit of '45 coalition are forming an Alliance to  help raise public awareness about activities that are being organized by various groups to commemorate the 75th anniversary of important events that took place during World War II (1941 - 1945). 
The Spirit of '45 coalition helped support the Pearl Harbor 75th Anniversary in December 2016, and is organizing an international commemoration of the WWII 75th anniversary of the end of WWII that will take place around the world on the weekend of August 14 - 16, 2020. 
We encourage the public to participate in commemorative events in their local communities, such as having wreath laying ceremonies at memorials and other appropriate venues in parallel with those being held at the National World War II Memorial in Washington, DC. 
Friends of the WWII Memorial plan multiple wreath laying ceremonies to
mark 75th anniversaries of some of the important battles of WWII
To learn more, please contact us at Info@Spiritof45.org 
1941 (2016)
Tuskegee Airman Lt. Col. Bob Friend talks about WWII with legendary TV and film producer Norman Lear
                                        Eleanor Roosevelt's grand daughter Anna Roosevelt remembers
May 30 - Spirit of '45 Memorial Day March of Heroes*
 Legendary Tuskegee Airman Dr. Roscoe C. Brown, Jr. (3/9/22 - 7/4/16)
 Spirit of '45 entry in Los Angeles Veterans Day Parade saluted the Hollywood stars who served in WWII
 Spirit of '45 created a Wall of Pearl Harbor Gold Stars to honor those who died during the December 7 attacks.  

January 7, 1942 - Battle of Bataan 
January 26, 1942 - First American troops arrive in Great Britain
February 9, 1942 - Internment of Japanese Americans begins
April 18, 1942 - Doolittle Raid
April 19, 1942 -  Battle of Yenangyaung 
May 8, 1942 - Battle of the Coral Sea
May 15, 1942 - Formation of the Women's Auxiliary Army Corps (WAAC)MAY 29 - SPIRIT OF '45 MEMORIAL DAY MARCH OF HEROES
June 4-5, 1942 - Battle of Midway
June 19, 1942 - 1st Army Ranger Battalion formed for North African campaign
June 22, 1942 - China Burma India Theater of War officially established
July 21, 1942 - Formation of WAVES (Women's branch of U.S. Navy)
August 7, 1942 - February 8, 1943 - Battle of Guadalcanal
November 8, 1942 - Allies invade North Africa (Operation Torch)
November 23, 1942 - Coast Guard forms SPARS Women Reserves