Each year we add hundreds of photos of WWII couples to the video mosaic that plays throughout the day on Walgreens giant screens on August 14 - the day WWII ended and they began to build a better future for America and the world.
WWII Couples honored on
Anniversary of Times Square Kiss 
Walgreens shares video mosaic of photos throughout the day on August 14 
 Click here to watch the Spirit of '45 Day video that honors the couples of WWII that Walgreens shows on the jumbo screens of its Times Square store throughout the day each year on August 14.  Click on the photo to see the video.
The image of the "Times Square Kiss" is the official symbol of national Spirit of '45 Day. 
To honor the men and women of the Greatest Generation who created the families of America's future after WWII,  Spirit of '45 is inviting the public to send in '40's wedding pictures so they can be archived in a video mosaic of the famous Kiss photograph.  The video plays throughout the day on Walgreens jumbo screens on August 14 - the anniversary of the day spontaneous celebrations broke out across America at the news that World War II had ended.
Click on image twice to see full screen version of Spirit of '45 Day message. 
Click here to see video on multiple screens.  
Each year, a couple volunteers to come to Times Square to represent the men and women of our Greatest Generation who were married during or after WWII and re-enact "the Kiss seen around the world." 
Join us in Times Square for the Annual
 Kiss re-enactment and group photo ! 
42nd Street and Broadway  - Monday, August 14, 2017 - 12:00 noon
Come dressed in '40's fashion and be part of the annual photo that is taken under the Walgreens jumbo screen!
(Sailors, nurses and Rosie the Riveter look-a-likes especially welcome!)
WWII vets Ray and Ellie Williams posed for photos under Walgreens giant screens as the 2015 edition of the annual "WWII Couples" video featuring their wedding photo played overhead. They were joined by Walgreen employees who handed out gift bags to the crowd and posted for photos with "National Athem Girl" Janine Strange, Dani Masterson (Bugles Across America), Ray and Ellie, Gotta Swing Dancers Theresa Werner and James Martin, Paula Stoeke (Seward Johnson Atlelier), Donna Herbst (Atria Senior Living), and Val Pfundstein (Spirit of '45 Day Coordinator NYC). 
Thank you, Walgreens!
Walgreens has been showing its Spirit of '45 Day congratulatory video on its jumbo screens of its Times Square store since 2012. Walgreens has had a store in Times Square since the 1920's, and its logo can be seen over the shoulder of the kissing sailor in the photograph that was taken on August 14, 1941, by Navy journalist Victor Jorgensen.
Jorgensen photo of kissing sailor Video of Times Square Kiss video at Night
Submit your photo today  Send to Couples@Spiritof45.org
  • Photos of couples faces are preferable to full body photos, but both are acceptable.
  • Please scan your photo at 300 dpi (dots per inch) or better
  • Your photo should be sent as an email attachment, labeled with the couple's names, e.g. JohnandMarySmith
  • Be sure to include the couples home town and state
  • Email your photo as a full file - close to 1 megabyte (MB) - not as an attachment that is "reduced for quicker sending."
  • Submit your photo by Friday, July 15, 2017 for inclusion in the 2016 version of the Times Square Kiss video mosaic.

Note: It is best to scan an “8×10” photo if possible, as photos that are any smaller will be grainy when scanned.

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Bud and Trudy Temme in 1944 and re-enacting "the Kiss seen 'round the world" in Times Square on August 14, 2016 with their family and fellow Minnesotan Loni Anderson and her husband Bob Flick.
Bud and Trudy Temme flew to New York City from Minnesota with more than a dozen members of their family to represent their generation by re-enacting the Kiss in Times Square under the giant video screen. Bud and Trudy were married in February 1944, a year before Bud shipped out to fight in the Liberation of Europe, receiving a Bronze Star and Purple Heart for his service. More...
The Temme family and New Yorker Hotel staff and Trudy and Bud with the Seward Johnson sculpture depicting the famous "Times Square Kiss" in the lobby of the New Yorker Hotel.
The Temme Family were joined by fellow Minnesotan, Actress Loni Anderson and her husband Bob Flick, an original member of the The Brothers Four. Loni's parents - Andy and Maxine Anderson - were married on Veterans Day on November 11, 1943 when Andy was training to become a Navy in-flight radio operator and later served in the South Pacific. More
Loni and Bob have been helping promote public awareness and participation in Spirit of '45 Day since 2010, when it was passed unanimously by both houses of the U.S. Congress.
Loni and Bob at 2010 Spirit of '45 Day event in Los Angeles, in the lobby of the historic New Yorker Hotel with Seward Johnson's sculpture of the Kiss on August 14, 2016. Loni's parents Andy and Maxine Anderson. Loni and Bob re-enacting the Kiss in Times Square.
Following the group photo and Kiss re-enactment in Times Square, the Loni and Bob and the Temme Family a placed a ceremonial wreath at the East Coast WWII Memorial in Battery Park that looks out on the Statue of Liberty in New York Harbor.
2016 Spirit of '45 Day wreath laying at East Coast WWII Memorial, southern end of Battery Park, New York City
Special thanks to The New Yorker HotelBud and Trudy Temme and Loni and Bob were special guests of the historic New Yorker Hotel in Manhattan's famed Garment District, only minutes walk from Times Square, Madison Square Garden and the Empire State Building. The New Yorker's management has preserved the Hotel's stunning Art Deco interior and the hundreds of documents that tell the story of its rich WWII heritage so it can be experienced by guests and visitors.
Spirit of '45 70th Anniversary Commemorative Weekend
begins with a mass "Kiss in" in New York's Times Square
The Spirit of '45 70th Anniversary Commemoration Weekend kicked off with a press announcement in Times Square at noon on Friday, August 14, followed by a mass re-enactment of the famous kiss that became the symbol of hope, love and freedom around the world - and the Spirit of '45!  
Hundreds of couples gathered for the public "Kiss in" organized by the Times Square Alliance in front of the 25ft Seward Johnson sculpture depicting the image of the most famous embrace of the 20th century.  Parallel kick off announcements were be made simultaneously in front of the monumental "Kiss" sculptures in Sarasota, FL and in San Diego, CA, and in front of the Battleship Iowa in San Pedro, CA.

Couples kiss in Times Square (China News)
Couples Reenact famous Kiss in Times Square (Wall Street Journal video)
Couples gather to mark 70th anniversary of the end of WWII (Times Picayun)
ABC Eyewitness News coverage
Boston Globe coverage
WWII Navy veterans Ray and Ellie Williams of Blairsville, GA, celebrated their 70th wedding anniversary on August 15, represented the men and women of America's "Greatest Generation" at the Times Square kick off event.  More about Ray and Ellie
On Sunday, August 16, the Williams laid a wreath at the East Coast World War II Memorial in Battery Park in Lower Manhattan to honor FDR and the 16 million Americans who served in the war, as buglers sound "Taps" to conclude the Weekend and signal the beginning of the cross country Tribute that ended in Hawaii later that day.

The August 14, 2014 press event in Times Square attracted by international media interest, and was covered by Newsday, the Wall Street Journal and other leading news outlets. More...
Countdown to Spirit of '45 WWII 70th Anniversary Commemoration announced in Times Square 
On August 14, 2014, WWII veterans gathered under the Walgreens sign to announce the beginning of the countdown to a 70th Anniversary Commemoration Weekend that the Spirit of '45 Day coalition organized in 2015.
WWII veteran Sydnor Thompson and his wife, Harriette, of Charlotte, NC, re-enacted the famous "kiss seen 'round the world" during at the press event held in Times Square on August 14, 2014 to officially announce the beginning of the countdown to the 70th anniversary of the end of World War II. More...
Click here to see more photos of the 2014 media event.
Click here to read August 14, 2014 media release announcing the beginning of the countdown to the 70th Anniversary of the end of World War II that will be celebrated on the weekend of August 14 - 16, 2015.
Spirit of '45 WWII 70th Anniversary Commemoration Weekend
Spirit of '45 national spokespersons Jerry Yellin and Gloria Bullard re-enact the Times Square Kiss


Walgreens introduces video salute to the Greatest Generation 
During the 2012 press conference held in front of the Walgreens Time Square store, Jerry Telson, District Manager for New York City operations, received a Spirit of '45 National Leaders Medal in recognition of his company's support for the observance of National Spirit of '45 Day. 
The medal was presented by National Spirit of '45 Day spokesman Dr. Roscoe Brown, and Joy Beebe, a British WWII war bride from Salem, OR, whose wedding photos was included among the hundreds in the "Kiss" mosaic. 
Following the press conference, Walgreen's management and staff invited the group to a "wrap party" to enjoy some refreshments and pose for photos with the Kiss mosaic.
"What a day!" said Frank Caldwell, who served in the Pacific. "This is like a dream come true -- celebrating the day we learned we could all go home-- and in Times Square!"
Click here for more photos (courtesy of David Steele)
Prior to the press conference, the group assembled in front of a life sized edition of artist Seward Johnson's famous sculpture depicting the "Kiss" that was placed in Time Square's Duffy Plaza by the Sculpture Foundation to commemorate the Day.
Joy Beebe and her daughter, Barbara, in Times Square with photos of Joy's husband Carl during the August 14, 2012 event hosted by Walgreens.
The first national Spirit of '45 Day was launched from Times Square on August 14, 2010, when more than 3,000 people gathered at Seward Johnson's sculpture for a "Kiss In."  This event will be repeated every 5 years on the anniversary of the day America learned that WWII was over, and spontaneous celebrations broke out across the country.
                           Inaugural Spirit of '45 Day a Big Success! 
Below, artist Seward Johnson and Tuskegee Airman and his wife, with monumental sculpture depicting the iconic image of the "Times Square Kiss" in the background.