News :: This Veterans Day, Carry On their Legacy!

November 1, 2010

This Veterans Day, KEEP THE SPIRIT OF ’45 ALIVE is launching an initiative to digitally capture wartime portraits of the Greatest Generation!

At this year’s New York City Veterans Day Parade, 100 youth volunteers will be carrying 100 portraits of members of the Greatest Generation through the heart of Manhattan. Volunteers in other communities are following suit, at local parades and other Veterans Day activities.

We invite you to join this effort by scanning and saving portraits and “headshots” of these men and women, as part of our efforts to honor and promote their legacy of service.  You can print also print large format photos at many chain drugstores/superstores, or at a local printer.  (We will be also be launching an online “Portrait Gallery” on December 7 [Pearl Harbor Day] - Stay tuned!)

Honor a member of the WWII generation near you - especially someone who is no longer with us, or who is no longer able to make it out to Veterans Day activities - by taking their portrait to an event in your community

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