of August 14, 1945

Where Were YOU on August 14, 1945?

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If you know someone who can remember what it was like on the day America and the world learned that World War II had ended, please help them share their memories so that they can be part of a national digital archive to educate and inspire future generations.

Our goal is to archive as many of these first-hand memories of a time when our country was truly united and committed to build a better future -- together.

Be sure to ask your storyteller if they have a portrait photo of themselves from the war years that can accompany their story on the Spirit of ’45 web site. These photos can be used to create a "WWII Wall of Honor" at senior communities and other locations, be part of community museum exhibits, carried in local parades on Veterans Days, and brought out to be part of annual Spirit of ’45 Day events and observations every year as part of America’s permanent memory. More...

You can also submit photos of Greatest Generation couples who were married before, during and after WWII so that they can be included in the video mosaic of the famous photo of sailor and nursing kissing on August 14, 1945 that is shown on throughout the day on Walgreens' jumbo screens in Times Square. More...