20 ft x 5 ft Doolittle Raiders Wall of Honor with photos of 80 men who flew historic mission on April 18, 1942 
Communities commemorate Doolittle Tokyo Raid 75th Anniversary with Spirit of '45 "Wall of Honor"

Communities across America participated in the commemoration of the 75th anniversary of the famous Doolittle Tokyo Raid of April 18, 1942, one of the most significant events of WWII.
The Spirit of '45 Day Coalition helped promote public awareness and participation in the 75th Anniversary by creating a "Doolittle Raiders Wall of Honor" that was made available to air museums and other groups that held events to honor the 80 brave men who have become an enduring symbol of American valor, daring, and selfless sacrifice.  
The Wall features the individual photos of the Raiders and a map of their flight path that ended on the east coast of China, where they were helped to safety by the local populous.  In retribution, more than 200,000 Chinese civilians were massacred by the Japanese Imperial Army
The 20 ft x 5 ft vinyl banner was co-sponsored by long time Spirit of '45 Day supporter A+E HISTORY, and groups who displayed it at commemorative events in their local communities.
The Wall is part of a grassroots campaign to have April 18 designated as a National Day of Courage to help ensure that the legacy of the Raiders, and those who came to their aid, will continue to inspire future generations of Americans.
The Raiders photos will be the first to be "inducted" into the Spirit of '45 WWII Airpower Heritage Wall of Honor featuring the photos of those who served in the US Army Air Forces under Gen. "Hap" Arnold from 1941 to 1945, that will be unveiled on the 70th anniversary of the United States Air Force on September 18, 2017. 
To order a copy of the Doolittle Raiders Wall of Honor, or to learn more about the National Day of Courage campaign, please contact us at Info@Spiritof45.org. 
The Doolittle Raiders Wall of Honor was first displayed during the WWII 75th Anniversary Banquet hosted by the Chamber of Commerce in Ft. Walton Beach, on April 7.
The gala event was attended by more than a thousand guests who honored several WWII veterans, including the last surviving Raider, Lt. Col. Richard "Dick" Cole, 102, and Spirit of '45 Day national spokeswoman Elinor Otto, 97, "America's Longest Working Rosie the Riveter."
 (L) Lt. Col. Richard "Dick" Cole and USS Hornet veteran Lewis Varvel. (C) Elinor Otto - "America's Longest Working Rosie the Riveter"  (R) Bill Everett and members of the Sgt. Timothy Padegett Chapter 811 of the Military Order of the Purple Heart who donated the Doolittle Raiders Wall of Honor to the Ft. Walton Beach event.
 The Military Order of the Purple Heart sponsored the Ft. Walton Beach Wall which has been donated to the Air Force Armament Museum at Eglin Air Force Base where the Raiders received their training in March 1942.

Doolittle Raiders Wall of Honor displayed in Fort Walton Beach, FL
The Doolittle Raiders Wall of Honor was displayed at the Champaign Air Museum during its weekend events on April 15-16.
Scott Culver, whose father flew in Jimmy Stewart's bomber squadron during WWII, was joined by the pilots of the eleven B-25 Mitchell bombers that were flown into Urbana en route to the National Museum of the United States Air Force in Dayton, OH, where the largest 75th anniversary event took place on April 17-18. 
 Champaign Aviation Museum staff with Doolittle Raiders Wall of Honor during their April 15-16 event.
 Crew members of the B-25 Mitchell bombers that flew into Urbana, OH en route to the official Doolittle Tokyo Raid 75th Anniversary event at the National Museum of the United States Air Force in Dayton, OH on April 17-18.
Spirit of '45 donated a copy of the Wall of Honor to the Children of the Doolittle Raiders so they could be display it during the 75th anniversary commemoration that was held at the National Museum of the United States Air Force, where thousands turned out for two days of activities that included a "once in a lifetime reunion" of B-25 Mitchell bombers and an appearance by Lt. Col. Cole.  
The program included a B-25 formation flyover prior to a memorial service, a "Missing Man" formation and two B-1's from Ellsworth AFB that flew over during the conclusion of the service.  The event included book signings by various authors, and a screening of the American Veterans Center documentary "Doolittle's Raiders: the Final Toast."  
  Photo by Ken LaRock 
Youth volunteers from the Girl Scouts of Greater Washington, DC Sudden Service program and children of Chinese Embassy staff present Doolittle Raiders Wall of Honor at the inaugural wreath laying ceremony held at the Air Force Memorial on April 18.
Spirit of '45 organized a special ceremony at the Air Force Memorial at noon on April 18 to coincide with the one held in Dayton, OH.  The Doolittle Raiders Wall of Honor was presented by American and Chinese youth who paid tribute to the heroism of both the Raiders and the Chinese who aided them by placing wreaths at the Memorial in their memory.   
Media Advisory                                  AFM Program Agenda 
The ceremony featured speakers from the American Veterans Center, the Air Force Association, the Chinese Embassy, and the American Rosie the Riveter Association, and Girl Scouts from the Greater Washington, DC Sudden Service program who were joined by the children of staffers from the Chinese Embassy.
 Ms. Denise Hollywood, Executive Director, Air Force Association.  Ms.Wang Yuehong, Counselor, Chinese Embassy.  Mr. Cole Kleitsch, Walking Civics, with Counselor Wang, Mae Krier, co-founder National Rosie the Riveter Day.  
 Mr. Andy Linthicum of Murphy Funeral Home, which donated wreaths honoring the Raiders and the Chinese who rescued them.  Ms Mae Krier, who worked at Boeing during WWII, represented the women who built the aircraft the Raiders flew. 
During the ceremony, AFA member Cole Kleitch presented the Air Force Memorial with a lily plant from the green house at the Franklin D. Roosevelt Historical Site in Hyde Park, NY, symbolizing FDR's decision to initiate the Doolittle Raid in the wake of the attack on Pearl Harbor.
(R) National Park Service Ranger with potted lily plant.  Air Force Memorial director Zachary Steele receives lily from Cole Kleitsch.  Auston O'Neill, Jr. of Bugles Across America, performs Taps at the conclusion of the ceremony. 
Intergenerational cross cultural exchange: Tang Mengze translates "Thoughts in the Silent Night," by Chinese poet Li Bai,that was printed on Mr. Kleitsch's necktie.  



Beside my bed a pool of light—
Is it hoarfrost on the ground?
I lift my eyes and see the moon,
I bend my head and think of home
The ABC Peace Foundation donated a Doolittle Wall of Honor to the USS Hornet Museum for its April 18 program which was attended by Ms Kelly Estes, whose great uncle, Donald Fitzmaurice, was one of the Raiders who was killed during their daring mission.  
Kelly has written a novel about Fitzmaurice entitled "Cost of Courage," and created a nonprofit organization that provides support to veterans as a way to continue his legacy. After the USS Hornet Museum program, she laid a wreath at Fitzmaurice's grave in San Bruno.
 Doolittle Raiders Wall of Honor at USS Hornet Museum, donated by ABC Peace Foundation.  Ms. Kelly Estes, grand niece of Doolittle Raider Donald Fitzmaurice, who was killed during the Raid, speaking during the program.
 Kelly Estes (center) with George and Lee Chin, founders of the ABC Peace Foundation (far right).  Doolittle Raiders 75th Anniversary program announcement.  Wreath placed at grave of Donald Fitzmaurice following the USS Hornet's April 18 program.  (Wreath donated by Dignity Memorial)
Oregon Spirit of '45 honored the three Doolittle Raiders from Oregon by displaying their Wall of Honor in the Senate Chamber of the Oregon State Capital on April 18, before taking it on tour to 12 locations throughout the state. after which the Wall will be on permanent display at the Pendleton Air Museum. 
 Oregon State Senate members applaud as pages display Spirit of '45 Doolittle Raiders Wall of Honor on April 18.  The Wall includes the photos of the three Raiders from Oregon - Capt. David Jones (Coos Bay), Sgt. Jacob DeShazer (Salem), and Dean Davenport (Portland).
Oregon Spirit of '45 president and founder Barb Jensen presents the Doolittle Raiders Wall of Honor during the awards dinner of the Oregon chapter of the National Exchange Club.  Holding the banner are six youth who were recognized with cash awards that evening for successfully having met difficult challenges in their lives.
If you would like us to include photos and a description of a Doolittle Tokyo Raid 75th Anniversary event in your community, please send them to Info@Spiritof45.org